sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016

We waited all through the year For the day to appear When we could be together in harmony.


dust bunny

willow farmhouse
wanderlust . branch chandelier
toy horse
tree cookies

Dreamscapes Decor

*Pine Tree* in pot A
*Noel* Cupboard White
*Reindeer* B
*Earl* Couch
*Earl* Rug
*Earl* Ottoman A
*Earl* Ottoman
*Earl* Chair

CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic

Xmas Vintage Toys
Xmas Gift Wagon


[Schultz Bros.] Rustic Entryway - Rainy Day

6º Republic Event #Nov

Ariskea{Australia} Macrame Rug
Ariskea{Australia} Painting
Ariskea{Australia} Orchid Plant
Ariskea{Australia} Memory of Life
Ariskea{Australia} Olive twigs
[Black Bantam] Chains Of Flowers
[Black Bantam] Antique Female Head Display
[Schultz Bros.] 02. Dam Canal House RARE
[Schultz Bros.] 09. Dam Kitchenette
[Schultz Bros.] 01. Dam Play Table RARE
[Schultz Bros.] 08. Dam Living Room
[Schultz Bros.] 07. Dam Child Doll
[Schultz Bros.] 05. Dam Mother Doll
[Schultz Bros.] 06. Dam Father Doll
[Schultz Bros.] 10. Dam Bedroom
[Schultz Bros.] 04. Dam Kids Play Stool
[Schultz Bros.] 03. Dam Windmill RARE
N4RS Old Piano Bar Stool - Cream Paint
N4RS Old Piano Bar - Wood
N4RS Classic Candle Holder - 1 Candle
not so bad . AUSTRALIA candles

[ zerkalo ]

Like a Bird - Cage Table Light

{what next}

 'Dear Santa' Cookies & Milk 


Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Choco Point


The Saint Germain Drapes "Vintage"


huggable toy: Hansel
huggable toy: Gretel


rose de provence

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