segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

I'm standing here until you make me move I'm Hanging by a moment here with you.


Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed

Larcadia Cottage Moss

Dreamscapes Decor

*Jessi* Chair Stripes
*LOVE* Boxes
*Melly* Plant Stand Pink
*Valentina* Stool B
*Kia* Birdcage with flowers A
*Paper Roses* A
*LOVE** Sign D
*Cookie Boxes* A
*Valentine* Cards A
*Valentina* Rug Plaid
*Picture Panel* Valentine
*Betty* Board B
*Betty* Board C
*Kia* Birdcage with candles A
*Melly* Plant Stand
*Valentina* Couch Rose
*Valentina* Table Rose
*Cookie Box* Cutie
**BE MINE** Blocks A 
*Cookie Box* Open Always
*Paper Roses* E
*Valentine* Choco Mousse Plate B
*Cookie Boxes* F
*Valentina* Stool C
*Valentine* Cards B
*LOVE* Ladder


Lyrics Frames
Deluxe Piano White


Love Pugs 4. Flower Crown


[Button] Floor Lamp . heart / pink


Ballpens and Pencils - COMMON
Smartphone - COMMON


[ Soiree ] Suspender Lamp

[Merak] @ The Crossroads Event

Wicker laundry basket (rez)
Crate/Bonus Decor w/o Logo

[ zerkalo ]

Sweet Tea - Cup of Happiness

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