quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog Cryin' all the time.


THOR @ Cosmopolitan Event

Lazy Weekend Skybox
Empty Frames
Wood Speaker 2
Wood Turn Table
Refurbished Hobby Table
Good Music Holder
Handmade Coffeetable
Wood Speaker 1
Sketchbook with Sheets
Old Shelved Log
Grungy Varnished Stool
Oil Lamp
Old Ottoman
Vintage Room Heater RARE
Old Demijohn
Jar of Brushes
Vintage Chesterfield Sofa
Old Hobby Table Lamp


The Den [Military] Clock
The Den [Military]  Sablier


On Air Microphone - Silver - tips here
On Air Signage - Silver

IDEZA @ The Chapter Four

Copper Basket
Red Zinc Star
Blue Zinc Star
Liege Light
Copper Chandelier
Yellow Zinc Star
Indus Gears Table
Edwings Bar
Prism Table
Tube Wall Light

JIAN @ The Gacha Garden

Love Pugs 1. Free Kisses RARE
Love Pugs 8. Light Fawn Companion
Love Pugs 2. Sleepy Treater RARE
Love Pugs 16. Light Fawn Held
Love Pugs 10. Brindle Companion
Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family


IMEA Hallway [Love Sign]


Speaker Wall Light // Brass (Centered)
Speaker Wall Light // Brass (Turned Left)


Seed of Inspiration - Deluxe Guitar & Stand


row of books 13
wooden owl statue
torn letter

Apple Fall

Vintage Portable Camera
Harry's Boat 14
Reaching Plant
Monogram Luggage Bag
Dress Form w/ Dress

Decor Junction / Shutter Field

Westcliff Chair - black


Bowl of Mixed Fruit


Wine Crate w/6 bottles
Wine Crate
Wine Crate w/3 bottles
Boxed White Wine
Boxed Red Wine
Wine Bottle
Wine Glass for White
Wine Glass for Red
Wine Glass for White

The Loft & Aria @ Uber

World Map

[ kunst ]

Chablis bottle
Wine bottle & glasses holder
Cheverny bottle
Cabernet bottle


Dinkum Dingo Diner - Empty Pint Glass
Dinkum Dingo Diner - Full Pint Glass
Dinkum Dingo Diner - Full Schooner Glass
Dinkum Dingo Diner - Empty Schooner Glass

dust bunny

syrup dispensers

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